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Label Jiyani a product of immense efforts and constant urge to help & support local craftsmen. We were fond of Indian clothes and always discussed our outfits for family weddings and gatherings. It seemed authentic and rooted then, which led to the creation during this pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis made us realize how we could do our bare minimum and lend support towards the needy, baring in mind it was made by the local and completely accessible to the masses. We wanted to keep our collection authentic and basic for people to engage with them on a regular basis and incorporate them in their daily lives. Further planning and analyzation made us realize the problems that our Indian hast-karigars faced during the troubled times. This ensured us and made us even more confident about commencing with Label Jiyani. Our whole intention was to create awareness and promote our Indian handicrafts & Handcrafted Embroidery. A little promotion would go a long way in supporting our local artisans. We completely trusted and believed in PM Modi's VOCAL FOR LOCAL campaign because we come from a country with an extremely rich and diversified heritage and culture, when if we aimed at entering the international markets with our local produce and artistic products, we could sustain for a really long time in the most positive environment ensuring the progress of every hand involved behind it. We wanted to make sure our products were appealing to those who were of the same opinion, and reach heights.

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