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About The Founders

Inspired by the work of Indian artisans, Label Jiyani offers a new way to experience the heritage of India. We’re two best friends who have always had a love for the ethereal sense of being that came with wearing Indian clothes, and found ourselves eagerly discussing our outfits before family celebrations.

During the COVID-19 downtime, watching the world come to a halt made us realize how privileged we were compared to the working class. Any small step we could take toward the needy would be impactful, to say the least.

And of course, we discovered Chikankari at the time. For centuries, the Chikans of India have been weaving embroidered fabrics for everyday wear. We set out to make these garments available in a new way—to people who care about how their clothes feel on their bodies and on the world. And, Label Jiyani was born.

What started as a passion project during COVID-19 led to something larger than us, than our society. We wanted to keep our collection authentic and basic so that everyone could incorporate the beauty of simplicity into their everyday lives. Further analysis made us realize the troubles that our Indian hast-karigars faced during the pandemic, making us more confident about commencing the label further.

Our intention was to put India on the world map by creating awareness and promoting Indian handicrafts & handcrafted embroidery. We recognized that what made Indian culture so unique is its rich heritage, and one way to pay tribute to this was to revive traditional Indian embroidery on our clothes.

Ensuring the progress of every hand behind the label was our mission, right on par with PM Modi’s VOCAL FOR LOCAL campaign. We hoped to be available to everyone with the same mindset, working towards a positive environment with products that one could sustain for its longevity.

About Our Products - A new way to live your heritage.

Label Jiyani’s products embody the simple, precise hand-loom embroidery technique known as Chikankari, an ancient art form from Lucknow, India.

Our efforts give rise to timeless yet modern pieces that reflect our company's values: celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and the beauty of imperfection.

This striking combination of old and new fulfills the growing demand for embroidered garments that evoke a sense of luxury while retaining quintessential value. And they’re the most favourable garments to drape on a woman’s body, especially during the summer season!

About Label Jiyani - Slow down, be in the moment, and experience the beauty of everyday life.

In a world where the Indians are being erased from the fabric of society, and women are striving to prove their worth amongst the patriarchy, Label Jiyani is here to revive our sense of being.

For women and by women, our company supports the slow and conscientious lifestyle that we all crave to live.

We want to help you own your true self—to celebrate all of who you are without apology or expectation of apology.